This Retro Mousercise Collection Has Us Ready to Sweat to the Oldies at Disneyland!

Everything old is new again seems to be the message behind much of Disney’s merch lately!

Mousercise Collection

And now with Disney’s latest Mousercise collection, we can work off some of those classic Mickey Ice Cream Bars, and look fabulous while doing it!

We already told you about the new ’80s-’90s inspired Mickey Mouse Club gear that’s been appearing all over the parks throughout the last couple of weeks. Now, it appears Disney has decided Minnie Mouse needs her own line of retro-style merch and we’re in FULL agreement! Check out this totally adorable ensemble!

Mousercise Collection

Minnie’s new line of workout gear has us in the mood to dance! We just love how all the pieces look when worn together — we just gotta convince ourselves we can pull it off! Maybe if we added some leg warmers?

Mousercise Collection

The Mousercise fanny pack has to be our favorite piece. We just love how reflective and shiny it is! And check out the glittery little Mickeys on its speakers! This will be perfect to keep our tube socks, Evian, and Swatches in while we hit the gym!

Mousercise Collection

The leggings add such a punch of color to the look! We love how they’re covered with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy and how they’re all movin’ to the beat! They make Mousercisin’ look so fun and effortless!

Mousercise Leggings

The Mousercise tank top looks like it literally came out of a time capsule! Great call on the gray grid background and hot pink accents!

Mousercise Tank Top

We spotted the new Mousercise collection at World of Disney at Disneyland Resort, but chances are it will be making its way to Disney World soon!

Do you remember Mousercise from when you were a kid? Tell us all about your Disney childhood memories in the comments section!

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